Washington State: Part Two

Part two of this adventure moves back over to the mainland to experience some stunning hikes in North Cascades National Park. First afternoon in the park led to typical entrance sign pictures and an absolute banger of a first image. Diablo Lake at sunset just stuns. Nothing describes the mountains, sun rays, and teal ofContinue reading “Washington State: Part Two”

Washington State: Part One

It’s been a long time since I wrote or posted anything, in fact, I have not written since I moved from Squarespace to WordPress. Ever since work sent me out to Seattle I’ve been quite enamored with Washington. The Pacific Northwest really is totally different from anything I have ever experienced. Anyways, this trip hadContinue reading “Washington State: Part One”

Franconia Notch – Artists Bluff

The second full day of my trip saw a very sore Ben with a very unhappy toe. I’d decided the night before that there was no way I could do Franconia Ridge Trail. I spent a lazy morning sitting in the field by the campground having breakfast and taking pictures. I tried hiking along theContinue reading “Franconia Notch – Artists Bluff”

Franconia Notch – Cannon Mountain

I had a lovely drive up. It just kept getting prettier and prettier. New York was nice but the best part was Route 7 over the mountain into Vermont. The border is right at the top and it opens up into a giant sweeping valley. The valley was bright red and orange with low cloudsContinue reading “Franconia Notch – Cannon Mountain”