Making Bacon

I bought some Prague Power #1 a few months ago because I wanted to make sausage. Bacon ended up being the first use. Turns out it borders on the easy side of straightforward. I ended up buying a whole pork belly from Costco for about $30. One third of it became rellions from the recipeContinue reading “Making Bacon”

Filled King Cake

I finally tried out a cream cheese filling for my king cake recipe. Recipe is below. It makes enough for two king cakes. I rolled out my dough pretty thin, smeared the filling along an edge, and rolled it over to seal in the filling. Then I dusted the dough with cinnamon and finished rollingContinue reading “Filled King Cake”

Pinkham Notch

I have been taking my sweet time writing about all of my New Hampshire camping trip. I don’t think I’ll finish the detailed posts like I did for Acadia. The last few days of my trip were on the east side of Mount Washington, with two nights in Dolly Copp Campground. The first stop wasContinue reading “Pinkham Notch”

The Great Conjunction

In case you missed it, Jupiter and Saturn were especially close in the sky a few weeks ago. I had the lucky opportunity to be in a photogenic location and snagged a nice picture at the Mandeville Lakefront in Fontainebleau State Park. ISO 800 | f/4 | 1/8 | 70mm

New Hampshire

The beginning of October saw the second iteration of my annual fall vacation to New England. Last year was Acadia National Park. This year was the White Mountain region of New Hampshire. Like before, most of my photos live in the White Mountain National Forest gallery. Also like before, Squarespace doesn’t think native support forContinue reading “New Hampshire”

Labor Day in Shenandoah

I spent two nights in Shenandoah National Park this over Labor Day Weekend. Matthew’s Arm continues to be a solid campground that’s easy to get first-come first-served sites. After setting up my hammock, I set off down Matthew’s Arm trail towards Overall Run Falls. I’ve done this hike before and remember it being brutal. LaborContinue reading “Labor Day in Shenandoah”

Milky Way Photo Editing

This post is a breakdown of how I typically edit Milky Way photos. I will typically follow this Lonely Spec tutorial but tend to skip it if I get satisfactory results on my own. .cr2 raw file The first thing I do is exposure, so adjusting overall exposure, highlights, shadows, and contrast via the sliders.Continue reading “Milky Way Photo Editing”


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