Ep. 7: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

Once again, this blog has been a great motivator to go shoot on Tuesday.  I tried shooting Saturday and Sunday but ended up with nothing good. 


I spent the weekend trying to get a long exposure of the cars where Municipal rejoins Avenue K.  There’s a nice little greenspace in the middle of the road with some nice leading lines, but the lighting has not been cooperative.  It’s also near Rainbow Donuts, but going at dusk means no donuts for me.  I’ve tried taking photos north and south, and nothing has caught my fancy.  I almost missed going out for pictures Sunday evening because of daylight savings time, which is stupid, BTW.

Moving on, golden hour now starts about 4:15, with sunset around 5:45.  Yesterday I had the privilege of watching a wonderful sunset from my car.  Not to be discouraged, today I left early and grabbed my camera as soon as I arrived home.  There were some nice clouds, and they even had movement.  Clouds seem to be a real rarity around here.  I took a portrait and landscape orientation of this shot, and couldn’t really decide which one I liked better.  The landscape had great car ghosts, but the portrait had a perspective that I liked.

ISO 200 | f/8 | 20s | 24mmISO 200 | f/8 | 20s | 24mm

ISO 200 | f/8 | 20s | 24mm

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