Instagram Reflections – 2017

There’s a trend that sweeps Instagram in December; the Instagram Best Nine.  It’s pretty simple, you enter your username, it acts like it’ll take ten minutes due to “high demand,” and then it gives you a 3×3 grid of your top nine posts of the calendar year.  There’s also a convenient link to the previous year’s photos so you can see a year over year change.  

The photos are sorted by likes, moving from top left to bottom right.  I think I agree with the popularity contest.  Number one is definitely one of my favorites, and I don’t think there are any photos that I miss.  It captured all my photo-centric travel of the year: Downtown Plano, Palo Duro, Downtown Dallas, the solar eclipse, and more Downtown Plano.


Just for kicks and giggles, here’s the 2016 best nine.  I’m not sure I like all the photos that got the most likes in 2016.  The top photo is from Big Bend, and while it’s a nice photo, it isn’t even my favorite from that trip.  I always love star trails, but both beignets photos are mediocre.  The photos from Utah are solid.  I don’t like the moon reflection picture any more, and neither do I like the final super moon picture.  Maybe I’ve just become more of a self critic and am going through the classic photography phase of not liking any of your old work.


In reflection, I seem to have posted significantly less (113 vs 71) but got many more likes.  If we’re measuring things by likes and not photographic quality, I got better at the Instagram hashtag game.  Here’s to 2018 being even better.

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