Food Thoughts Week 2

Lots of great food this weekend, and it is only Saturday.

Friday – soft opening of Marumen, a new ramen restaurant in Sterling. Braised chicken, broth, fried mushrooms, kimchi, and pickled eggs. That bowl was empty when I finished, and we’ll definitely be back there.

Saturday is a snow day, so naturally I baked some more sandwich bread. This week’s loaf is the Overnight Blonde from Flour Water Salt Yeast. I rejuvenated my sourdough starter with morning and evening feedings all week, and ended up with a beautiful loaf of bread. I’ve truly forgotten how this crisp crust leads to such a soft crumb. This recipe is very dependent on having a strong starter, and when done right, I think it is my favorite recipe from the book.

After going to Slapfish a few weeks ago, I was inspired to make pickles. They are finally ready and are so fresh and tasty. My afternoon snack was some pickle spears, bread, triple cream brie, and some gouda. Yum.

Tonight’s dinner is a pork chop in a whole grain mustard cream sauce and and some roasted brussel sprouts.


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