Acadia National Park – Data and Statistics

Acadia presented the option for lots of data. It was the first extended vacation I have taken planned by me, with only me in attendance.


I wanted to camp for several reasons. First, because camping is fun and I enjoy it. There’s something special about sleeping outside under the stars and cooking over the fire. It is liberating. Second, I wanted to keep food and lodging costs down. Hotels on the island were ~$120 per night on the west side, and upwards of $200 a night on the popular eastern side. Camping also meant I did not have to go out for dinner. I could have eggs for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and steak for dinner, and eat for about $50 for the week.


  • Campsites: $30 per night

  • Freeport Hotel: $88

  • Seawall Motel: $109

  • Ellsworth Motel: $118

  • Total Lodging: $435


Food was cheap. I spent about $70 on groceries that I brought up with me. I splurged on the few meals I ate out. My lobster roll at Thurston’s was $20. The best food of the trip, at Finback Alehouse in Bar Harbor (lobster roll with clam chowder) was $35. And dinner the last night was $30 for scallops. Total food came out to $170


After accounting for gas and souvenirs, I spent $775 for a week long vacation in a national park. Not bad.

Distances and Mileage

I got absolutely fantastic gas mileage the entire trip. I learned the sweet spot for mileage on my car is traveling about 55-60mph when the temperature is 55 degrees outside.

  • 497.5mi, 40.2mpg

  • 392.7mi, 34.8mpg

  • 198.0mi, 31.2mpg in the park

  • 371.8mi, 34.2mpg

  • 398.9mi, 36.6mpg

All total, I drove 1858.9 miles. 768 miles there, 788 miles back.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is defined by what FitBit thinks I did. Who knows how accurate it is..

Sunday (9/29) 23,267 10.66mi 96
Monday (9/30) 23,237 10.65mi 79
Tuesday (10/1) 16,722 7.65mi 76
Wednesday (10/2) 26,937 12.34mi 99
Thursday (10/3) 29,721 13.59mi 98
Friday (10/4) 19,106 8.75mi 88
TOTALS 158,096 63.64mi 624

I’m not sure how accurate the distance and floor numbers are… My main hikes each day:

Monday: Jordan Pond Path (3.4 mi)

Tuesday: Beech Mountain Trail (1.2 mi)

Wednesday: Long Pond / Great Notch / Gilley Trail (5.5 mi)

Thursday: Eagle Lake Loop (6 mi)

Friday: Ocean Path


I took 1094 photos between two camera bodies, the 6D and the 7D.

I had two lenses on my daily carry, the 16-35 f/4L IS and the 70-200 f/4L. My astrophotography lens was the 24 f/1.4.

In the table below, a keeper is defined as something I rated 4 or 5 stars in Lightroom. The favorite focal length was a runaway for both zooms. I took 309 photos at 16mm and 127 at 70mm.

16-35 f/4L IS 673 48 16mm
24 f/1.4 50 6 24mm
70-200 f/4L 351 21 70mm
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