Quarantine Pizza

I went into this week craving pizza and since I was working from home I could do whatever timings I wanted. The theory was to make a single sauce and try out different dough recipes. I kinda followed that but ended up just making some damn good pizza.

Saturday, 4/13

Make sourdough dough from The Perfect Loaf

  • 9PM, mix dough, do 3 folds 30 minutes apart, let go overnight

  • Stayed overnight in 65F room

  • 7:45AM, shaped into two balls, put in fridge

Monday, 4/13


1 tomato from the usual can, plus a spoon of sauce.  Plenty of red pepper flakes and a large pinch of salt.  Sauce was very tasty, with the right amount of fresh bright tomato and spice to get my nose running


mozzarella and finely shredded provolone.  This provolone is fantastic, nice and sharp.  Wegmans mozzarella continues to have too much moisture for good pizza


I always forget how active the starter is from the perfect loaf.  My dough didn’t really rise at all.  It stretched very nicely and the had a decent blister on the bottom.  Cooked all the way through with decent structure.

Next dough: 2x balls of serious eats new york style dough.  This is my usual, and I’m consistently happy with it.

Tuesday, 4/14

Tuesday had a literal fire drill. Someone down the hall set off the alarm and we watched all the fire trucks show up.

Wednesday, 4/15


plain tomato, some liquid drained through fine mesh strainer


ripped mozzarella, small shredding of provolone, fresh parm at the end

Crust: fantastic. 

This dough used to come out under done with the pizza stone.  With a preheated pizza steel, the dough is completely cooked through and I get beautiful leopard spots

Thursday, 4/16


plain tomato, no liquid drained.  Draining liquid definitely helps with the end product


just ripped mozzarella


see above.  I let it go a little longer and that just made it even better.

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