Franconia Notch – Artists Bluff

The second full day of my trip saw a very sore Ben with a very unhappy toe. I’d decided the night before that there was no way I could do Franconia Ridge Trail. I spent a lazy morning sitting in the field by the campground having breakfast and taking pictures. I tried hiking along the Pemigewasset River and discovered that I really don’t like hiking just to hike – I need some kind of destination or goal at the end (or middle really). There was nice light and plenty of color. This one is of the color at the base of Mount Lafayette.

ISO 100 | f/9 | 1/160 | 113mmISO 100 | f/9 | 1/160 | 113mm

ISO 100 | f/9 | 1/160 | 113mm

My full plan for the day way to make it up Artist’s Bluff and take one of the iconic photos of Franconia Notch and Echo Lake. The hike was pretty easy and just absolutely packed with people. Light at the top became flat and overcast so the photo isn’t anything special.

ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/8 | 16mmISO 100 | f/11 | 1/8 | 16mm

ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/8 | 16mm

The absolute coolest and unexpected part of the trip was when some C-130’s flew through the notch at almost eye level. I didn’t get a good color photo of them but it was just awesome.

ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/500 | 31mmISO 100 | f/11 | 1/500 | 31mm

ISO 100 | f/11 | 1/500 | 31mm

The evening saw me wandering around the same places as the morning taking photos. I just brought the 35mm prime as a bit of a photography challenge. I don’t have anything I want to share here, but there is a nice self portrait in the photo book.

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