Ep. 1: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

This is the first post in my new weekly photo sharing series.  In this series, I’ll pick a photo, old or new, and just talk about it. It may be a “how did I get the shot” post, or just something I liked. 

ISO 100 | f/8 | 1/10 | 35mmISO 100 | f/8 | 1/10 | 35mm

ISO 100 | f/8 | 1/10 | 35mm

Lately I’ve been doing time lapse photography, and I have taken a lot of individual frames that stand well on their own. This image is from a time lapse sequence I decided not to use.

I set up my camera on the garden bordering McCall Plaza in Plano, and tried getting photos of the people moving around to show the bustle of Downtown Plano. Lucky me, it was deserted that night, so no great pictures.  

What drew me here was the soft, golden light and the easy sunflare.

The camera settings are my usual time lapse settings. I keep the ISO low to lengthen shutter speed and show motiom, and the aperture stopped down for more depth of field.  I’m not sorry for the sun flare on the lens, I like those.

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