Wk. 5: A Total (Almost) Lunar Eclipse

This morning saw the super moon blood moon blue moon total lunar eclipse moon.  Depending on who wrote the article, some fun combination of those phrases described it.  What we actually had: a second full moon in a month, at its perigee, during a total lunar eclipse.  Sounds exciting?  Yes.  NPR explains it well. 

Anyways, Dallas was right on the edge of 100% totality, and totality was happening 3 minutes before moonset, so it should appear even larger due to the refraction on the horizon.  I spent yesterday playing with levels and a compass and some protractors to figure out where in the sky the moon would be, and where to set up my camera.  I ended up shooting through the grate on the sixth floor stairwell of my apartment.

There was enough haze in the sky that I could not capture the dark portion of the moon at all, and it faded away into nothing prior to totality.

Below is a composite of what was visible.  Still exciting, and I’m glad I woke up early to view it.


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