Ep 5: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

The 24mm has been my favorite lens lately.  The vignetting is one of the things I hate about it – but also love so much.  Notice how this week’s image is darker in the corners?  That’s vignetting.  

Anyway, this weekly blog thing is making me go shoot consistently on Tuesdays, and I’m really liking that.  The weather has been beautiful lately, and tonight was the start of maybe getting close to being chilly.  I timed it perfectly, and Mother Nature was nice enough to give me clouds tonight.  

Tonight yielded three keepers, plus a setup shot from my phone.  The actual shot from the setup was not a great keeper, but whatever.  It looked cooler in my head than on screen.  I put them both up to the right.  This week is a bonus week, you get three pictures from me, just to see some of the ones I do not like.  Settings for the DSLR image are ISO 800, f/8, 10s at 24mm, and the setup shot was taken with my Google Pixel.

Anyway, on to the feature presentation.  Long exposures are my absolute favorite.  This one was 30 seconds, and, like I mentioned last week, I actually set up my remote and tried to go longer.  I managed to screw up settings on my camera and ended up with some way underexposed pictures, and then some that were completely blown out white.  

I think it is super cool when all the traffic lights are illuminated, and once again, those car lights I love so much are visible.  Enjoy!

ISO 400 | f/8 | 30s | 24mmISO 400 | f/8 | 30s | 24mm

ISO 400 | f/8 | 30s | 24mm

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