Ep. 8: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

I have plenty of great landscapes to share in my Palo Duro Canyon State Park entry, and towards the end of my Texas album.  What I didn’t share is the wildlife.  We saw several wild turkeys and a few roadrunners.  Apparently there isn’t much life in Palo Duro besides the turkeys, roadrunners, and a few coyotes. Continue reading “Ep. 8: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing”

Ep 5: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

The 24mm has been my favorite lens lately.  The vignetting is one of the things I hate about it – but also love so much.  Notice how this week’s image is darker in the corners?  That’s vignetting.   Anyway, this weekly blog thing is making me go shoot consistently on Tuesdays, and I’m really liking that. Continue reading “Ep 5: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing”

Ep. 4: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing

These last two weeks have been a “oh crap it’s Tuesday, I need to take a picture,” with surprisingly good results.  Last week’s was a favorite of the year, and this week’s is equally interesting. Lately, the sunsets have had a nice glow, with beautiful gradients from red, to orange, to purple in the west. Continue reading “Ep. 4: Weekly Wednesday Photo Sharing”