Bake the Bag – Wk 7: Scones

This week’s bake the bag is for a batch of cinnamon whole wheat scones.  They’re not bad as far as scones go, but my favorite recipe is still the orange cranberry scones with lemon curd. These scones are, like all the scone recipes I’ve seen, incredibly easy to make.  Scone recipes usually consist of  CombineContinue reading “Bake the Bag – Wk 7: Scones”

Bake the Bag – Wk 5: Whole Grain Flatbread

This week’s bake the bag challenge is whole grain flatbread.  The King Arthur Flour looks nice and pretty, and mine are anything but. A few comments… 1. Recipes like this with pan “fried” bread need to be doubled or tripled to account for all the undercooked test breads while you find the proper pan temperature. Continue reading “Bake the Bag – Wk 5: Whole Grain Flatbread”

Bake the Bag – Wk 3: Brownies

Week three of the King Arthur Flour Bake the Bag challenge is a whole grain brownie recipe.  I don’t make brownies from scratch often, but these are super easy and super tasty.  I seem to have messed up steps 2 and 3 because I did not end up with the nice shiny top.  Enjoy! ISOContinue reading “Bake the Bag – Wk 3: Brownies”

Weekday Sourdough – 83%

I’ve been keeping an Excel spreadsheet to document my sourdough recipe as I gradually increase the hydration percentage of the dough.  Here’s the start of an attempt to document crumb shots. Levian INGREDIENT AMOUNT BAKER’S PERCENTAGE Sourdough Starter 20 g 20% Water 100 g 100% King Arthur AP Flour 100 g 100% Dough INGREDIENT AMOUNTContinue reading “Weekday Sourdough – 83%”