Fiesta Lime Chicken

I made a copycat of the fiesta lime chicken from Applebees for dinner tonight.  Chicken breast marinated in garlic, teriyaki sauce, and liquid smoke.  A creamy sauce based on sour cream, mayo, and blackening spices, and a topping of shredded jack cheese. The chicken breast can be pounded into a uniform thickness to make cookingContinue reading “Fiesta Lime Chicken”

Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park – a National Park Service site on the Potomac – was the first photography outing since I moved my home base to Virginia.  The park is a 30 minute drive from my apartment.  This morning I spent 3 hours wandering around.  The crowd really fills it up around 10:30.  I mainly spentContinue reading “Great Falls Park”

Weekday Sourdough – 83%

I’ve been keeping an Excel spreadsheet to document my sourdough recipe as I gradually increase the hydration percentage of the dough.  Here’s the start of an attempt to document crumb shots. Levian INGREDIENT AMOUNT BAKER’S PERCENTAGE Sourdough Starter 20 g 20% Water 100 g 100% King Arthur AP Flour 100 g 100% Dough INGREDIENT AMOUNTContinue reading “Weekday Sourdough – 83%”